..."maybe it was for a time like this that you were made queen!"

Updated: May 2, 2020

In 2020, what are the conversations that you are engaging into, are those conversations full of fear and defeat? Or are they full of hope and expectation? For the past few weeks I have been intentional to choose my words wisely. Surely, I have never experienced a global pandemic as COVID or any pandemic, and I'm sure you haven't either! However, the conversation around my dinner table sound different, my words do not involve the pandemic, fear or doubt. In the contrary, I make sure that the conversations are full of hope, expectation and faith.

I haven't keep those positive conversations bound to my table but I transferred them to all my circles of influence. I encourage women in my small group, the women at work, my friends, and even the cashier lady at the grocery store. During these times, we all need some encouraging! So, how do I do I? how do I keep the positive conversations, the encouraging words, the complements full of kindness going... Well, I'll try to summarize my morning rituals on a list, so you can use it as a guide:

1. The first thing I do in the morning, as soon as my alarm goes off at 5:00AM, yes I'm still getting up at the same time! even though I'm working from home... I give thanks for a new day, and I do this in an audible voice, I hear myself say "Thank you God for a new Day."

2. I play music on Spotify.

3. I pray, I read my devotional, I spend some time on the Word of God, make some "cafe con leche" (coffee on steroids), and try to get some pages on the book that I am reading "Undaunted" by Christian Caine. (On a side note, that book is packed with POWER! You should get a copy)

4. I have a list of daily declarations, a list of words that I live by. Truths that are based on the word of God.

Practicing these four things daily, have changed my thought process and therefore shaped my conversations. I do not minimize these times, and the hurt and pain that COVID has caused around the world. But one thing is certain that the human spirit is resilient and we will overcome this. Even in dark times such as these, I am choosing to lift, empower, equip girls to become leaders... because "maybe it was for a time like this that you were made queen!" (Esther 4:14)

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